New steel fence to be installed in front of statehouse October 12, 2021 October 12, 2021 admin

The state of New Jersey will install a new steel fence along a major thoroughfare in the heart of the state’s financial district, marking the first in the nation to install such fencing.


Chris Christie announced Wednesday that a $2.6 million grant will be awarded to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to install a metal fence along the Hudson River, which connects the state capital and New York City.

The project, dubbed Steel Bridge, will be located just north of the former New York Central railroad tracks, which have been reclaimed to make way for the state government.

The new steel fencing will be constructed to prevent future flooding, according to Christie.

It will be the first fencing to be erected on the New York side of the river.

The project was initially scheduled to be completed in 2017, but has been delayed due to safety concerns and the fact that New Jersey has never been hit by a natural disaster.

The New Jersey State Police has said it has received thousands of calls for assistance from people who have lost power and have been flooded by floodwaters in recent weeks.

The governor said he hopes to use the grant to pay for additional fencing along the river and other repairs.

“I’m hopeful that we can make this a reality in the next year, so people can continue to enjoy their New Jersey vacation,” Christie said.

The state is spending $2 million on the project, which is expected to be finished in 2019.