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By By John Kelly,CNNBy John KellyMarch 16, 2018, 7:01:06Redline steel — the name for the material used in steel beams that form the frame of buildings and homes — has long been a concern for the health and safety of Americans.

It has long posed a potential health risk, and now some scientists are warning of its possible dangers to the health of the American public.

In the wake of a report by a panel of government scientists that concluded that Redline is a safe material, many states have begun banning the material in the buildings and residences of their residents.

The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing Redline’s safety for residential applications.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted to pass legislation that would ban the use of Redline in homes and buildings in the United States.

The measure, which passed the House, passed the Senate on Wednesday.

Redline, which is used in some construction and construction related industries, has been a long-standing concern for many.

It’s a mixture of iron oxide and steel that is formed when molten iron is exposed to a high temperature.

The material is a combination of steel, concrete and asbestos.

The United States is currently considering a ban on the use or importation of Redlines, which it says poses health and environmental risks.

The House bill would ban Redline use in homes, buildings, vehicles, and industrial facilities.

It would also require manufacturers of residential products to remove the material from their products and to ensure that it’s not in any commercial product.

The Senate’s version of the bill is much more modest, but it also requires manufacturers to replace the material within six months, and it would require companies to provide a list of alternative materials to replace Redline.

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The bill was sponsored by Sens.

Joe Manchin, D-W.

Va., and Susan Collins, R-Maine.

The White House and EPA did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment on Wednesday afternoon.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups have raised concerns about Redline, arguing that it poses a health risk to Americans and the environment.

In a report issued last month, the American Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that Redlines are among the most toxic materials known to the workplace.

It said that the material can cause lung, liver, kidney, and eye damage.

The report also found that the materials can cause cancer.

Redlines are used in construction, residential construction, manufacturing, and other industries.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers said that Redliners are more prone to corrosion than other types of steel.