Why I don’t like my wife’s job September 20, 2021 September 20, 2021 admin

I know a lot of people hate their job.

They say it’s stressful, it sucks, it’s boring, and most importantly, they’re not very good at it.

That said, I don´t think I hate my job.

I just think I like it better.

So I donât feel that way. 

I’ve been working in the restaurant industry for almost six years now, and I know that if I donít like it, I can change it.

I can go on strike and refuse to cook, or even quit.

I’ve also learned that my coworkers can change their jobs to fit me, but I can’t.

My boss can change his schedule to cater to my schedule, or change his food to suit me, or maybe just let me get more work done.

But the reality is that my job is still mine to do with as much autonomy as I want, and that doesn’t mean I get to decide how I do it. 

The fact is, when I leave my job, I leave it without a single regret.

I don’ get to do anything else for myself, and my employer can’t control that either.

But I can make some adjustments to my job to fit who I am. 

And the fact that I can do so is exactly what makes my job so rewarding and satisfying.

I love my job because I love my customers, and when I get the chance to cook for my favorite customers, I want to do it for them.

When I work in restaurants, I often make reservations to go get dinner and when it’s time for my customers to leave, I’m on the spot.

I love that feeling of a great meal, a great company, and a great person.

The food is amazing, the people are great, and the atmosphere is fantastic. 

It’s a privilege to be able to do that.

But when I can just focus on my job and make the best of it, that´s what I love about it.

If I don`t like my job or have a problem with it, then I can get rid of it without even thinking about it and let it go.

And when I am done with the job, the money is there for me to go to another restaurant.

So my job isn’t as stressful as it might seem. 

But it can be, and it does feel that much more. 

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