Why are all the movie theaters in India shut down? September 12, 2021 September 12, 2021 admin

The shutdown of cinemas in India on Thursday came as India prepares to host the upcoming World Cup.

The Indian government said it was also planning to close cinemas across the country.

According to a tweet by India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the state government had cancelled 1,735 cinemas and theatres across the state of Maharashtra, while 2,814 cinemas were shut down in the state’s North Eastern district.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said in a tweet that the decision to close theatres and cinemas had been taken to allow for “necessary measures” to be taken.

The decision to shut down theatres was taken in the interest of the safety and security of the people, it said.

The decision to continue operation of cinemases in the State of Maharashtra was taken to ensure public safety, it added.

The closure of theatres came as the government announced a total ban on food and drinks in the country, citing safety concerns.

India’s Health Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the government was considering a ban on all foods, beverages and foodstuffs, which included milk, butter, eggs and meat.

Prasad also announced that there will be an immediate ban on petrol and diesel fuel and other products that have a harmful effect on human health, as well as other measures.

The government has been struggling with a series of health and hygiene crises.

The latest outbreak of coronavirus in India has been blamed on a spike in coronaviral cases, which is thought to have occurred as people are consuming large quantities of imported meat.