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By Mark BermanThe Washington Times, June 17, 2018The Trump administration is taking another look at how to manage the $3 trillion global coal industry.

The Energy Department’s top energy official is recommending an aggressive approach to reduce coal-fired power generation to a point that is within the reach of a future President Donald Trump.

The new advice from the department’s top official comes as Trump is in the midst of a national debate over the future of the country’s coal industry and a looming deadline for federal lawmakers to agree on a plan to save the nation’s dwindling coal supply.

The report, which was released Friday, lays out what the department calls a “revised strategy” that would aim to reduce the U.S. coal fleet’s emissions to 2030 levels by 2030, by building more coal-powered plants and rolling back the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan.

The plan would also include closing a number of coal-burning power plants that have not been operating for decades and the creation of an industry-wide carbon capture and storage program that would take a chunk out of the U