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The Canadian steel building in St. Clair-Highlands, Ont., which was destroyed in a fire that shut down the Canadian Steel Works last month, has been rebuilt.

The Canadian Steel building in Saint Clair-Woodlands, Que., which has been the subject of intense scrutiny by the province and federal government, has also been rebuilt and is expected to reopen in the fall.

A statement released Tuesday by St. John’s Mayor Rob Ford said the city’s fire prevention department is working with the Canadian National Steel Corporation on a new building at the site of the fire.

Ford said he is optimistic that repairs will be complete within two months.

Ford’s statement says the new building will have a floor area of 4,000 square metres and the structure will have “a sprinkler system, ventilation systems and fire detection systems, and all the facilities needed for the city to remain safe.”

Ford also said the City Council will be reviewing its fire plans and will be holding a public hearing on the matter in the coming weeks.

He said he hopes the public will be “informed of what we’re doing and how we’re preparing for the next fire.”

The City of St. Charles-Mountain Centre, Que.

is one of three jurisdictions that have received the Canadian government’s $30-million compensation package for the fire that burned through the city last month.

In a statement, the provincial and federal governments said the compensation was a result of a thorough investigation by the provincial coroner and fire investigators and is “expected to be paid out in full” in the near future.

“In a city of more than 14,000 residents, St. Louis County and St. Claire County have worked closely together to ensure that our residents have the most effective fire prevention equipment and training available to them,” the governments said.