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Brian Steele is the founder and editor of

He’s also the author of “The Best Black Steel Bars for Strength Training.”

Steele spoke with New York magazine about his favorite black steel bars, and how to get the most out of them.

“You can do everything with black steel.

It has a really nice, super high tensile strength, but it’s very heavy.

And it’s also very heavy and has a very heavy weight to it.

So, if you’re trying to build something that’s really light and compact and strong, black steel is the way to go.”

Steely’s first black steel training bar, a 700X, weighed 1,400 pounds.

He used the barbell to build a 2.4-foot bar, which he tested with some of his other bars, including a 3,600-pound one.

“The bar is a bit of a heavy weight, but you don’t need to worry about it,” he said.

Steele’s next black steel Barbell, a 735X, is a 2-pounder, and he uses it to build two different weightlifting barbells, a 1,000-pound and a 1-pound, 700X and 800X.

“They’re both really strong.

But I really like the 800X because it has this really nice thick, very strong core,” he explained.

“You can build this with your bare hands.

You can just push the bar up into your hands and pull it up.”

Steel also uses a 700XL as his heavy weightlifting and powerlifting bar.

He built a 1.8-pound black steel 1-inch bar with it, and it weighs just over 1,300 pounds.

“It’s got really good weights and super high strength,” he added.

“So, if it’s your first bar, it’s going to be really good.”

For weightlifting, Steele prefers the 700X to the 700XL.

“There’s this big difference between the 700 X and the 700 XL,” he noted.

“If you’re doing weightlifting that’s hard, the 800 X is going to feel like it’s really hard, because it’s just so light.

If you’re a powerlifter, you’ll feel like you’re working hard.”

For powerlifting, the 700 is also a good choice.

“For powerlifts, the 735 X is a great weight for powerlifting,” Steele said.

“But, for power, it can be a bit too heavy for that.”

If you want to build strength from a lighter weight, you can get the 700x for $1,500.

“I have the 700 in the gym right now, and I think it’s probably one of the lightest bars I’ve ever used,” Steele added.

You can also use a 700 to build powerlifting bars for bodybuilding, which is one of Steele’s favorite sports.

“Powerlifting is one that I’ve done a lot of training for,” he told New York.

“And I think the 700 x is a good bar for bodybuilders.

It’s really versatile, but I think they could use a bit more strength from it.”

The 700X is one the best bars for weightlifting.

It weighs 1,200 pounds and has super high performance properties.

It also has the thickest core ever built by a black bar.

“That’s something that you really can’t beat,” Steele continued.

“Because it’s a very strong, super strong, thick bar.

It could really build power.

I think for power athletes, the 1,700x is the best bar for that.”

I think the best black steel for power is the 700.

“If you are looking for a super strong bar, the 900X is also one to look out for.

This is the bar that I use for power and I use it for weight training, too,” Steele explained.