When Are We Going To Get Batman and Robin? August 6, 2021 August 6, 2021 admin

When are we going to get Batman and the Robin?

It’s a question we get asked all the time these days, but we can all agree that this is one of the most hotly anticipated titles of the year. 

With the Batman vs. Robin movie, Warner Bros. has brought back one of its biggest villains of all time, but with a cast of new characters to fill the role, and a plot to follow that’s as big as it gets, this is a story about the importance of friendship. 

For those who haven’t seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we have a look at the big twist: the villain of the movie will be played by Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), and his love interest will be Wonder Woman. 

While it’s not entirely clear who will be playing Batman in the upcoming Batman vs Robin, we do know that the DC Extended Universe will be getting its first look at Wonder Woman in the movie. 

If you’ve never seen Wonder Woman before, you’ll definitely want to go back to the Batman v.

Superman movie and check out the movie’s trailer before reading on, as it’s definitely one of those “must see” movies that you need to catch up on. 

Wonder Woman’s origins When we last left Batman and Superman, Batman had already met Wonder Woman, and was preparing to take her on a mission for the Justice League. 

As Batman’s plan was to destroy the world, he sent a team of supervillains to kill the hero, and while the team was successful in killing Batman, they were stopped by Superman who gave the two heroes a piece of his mind. 

When Batman woke up from his coma, Wonder Woman had already found her way to Gotham City, and she was waiting for him. 

“You’re still a Batman,” Wonder Woman said, as she stood in front of Batman and his family. 

She then introduced Batman to the rest of the Justice Society of America. 

But before she could get to Batman, she had to stop the Joker from killing everyone on Earth, including Batman. 

This was a moment of revelation for Wonder Woman and Batman, as they both realized that they were both capable of being capable of killing people. 

That’s when Batman decided to go on a journey with Wonder Woman that would bring him back to Earth, and he and Wonder Woman would become friends. 

The friendship began to grow, and they would work together to defeat the Joker and his crew of supervains. 

After the battle, Batman decided that Wonder Woman was the one he should be the Batman he knew he could be. 

A relationship With Batman, Wonder Queen became a close friend. 

They would often have a conversation, as well as spend time together, as the two were known to be extremely close. 

And with Batman, the two would often play with toys, as Wonder Queen was known to love toys, especially the ones that Batman was a fan of. 

In Batman v: Superman, however, Wonder woman became more of a mentor to Batman as he grew more and more powerful. 

He would eventually become Batman’s personal protector and mentor. 

Eventually, the pair began to become closer and stronger, and Batman became more confident in his abilities as well. 

It was also during this time that Wonder Queen developed feelings for Batman, and it was during this relationship that Wonder woman started to wonder if Batman was actually Batman, or if he was simply Wonder Woman’s alter ego. 

Batman and Wonderwoman had a baby, and Wonder woman was worried that Batman would not be able to raise the child and give her the love and care she wanted. 

However, Wonder Wonder Woman decided to trust Batman and was able to take care of the child for a few months. 

During this time, Batman learned about the future that he and his son Wayne would be inheriting and he asked Wonder Woman to look out for the boy. 

Bruce Wayne would have to be protected from the Joker, and in order to protect him, Batman and WonderWoman decided to form the League of Assassins. 

Since Batman was the head of the League, they decided to use the League as a cover to recruit criminals to their cause. 

Robin became a member of the Black Squad, the group that was created by Wonder Woman who became pregnant and was unable to have a child. 

Soon, Batman was arrested by the Justice Department, and as Robin became increasingly worried about the situation, Wonder women decided to give him a test to determine whether or not he was Batman.

Wonder Woman gave Batman a test and Batman was able tell Wonder woman that he was a man, but Wonder Woman could not decide whether or, if he truly was Batman, would he have to become a member in order for her to accept him.

Batman was later transferred to Arkham Asylum, where he was put in a cell with several other inmates. 

Shortly after Batman was released