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By now you know that Steel/Steel-type pokemon are really popular, so it’s no surprise that Steel-type Pokemon are often considered the top tier of the tier.

But which Pokemon are the best for you?

Steel-types can deal with physical attackers while the Fire types can deal massive amounts of damage to the Steel types.

In addition, the Steel type has a strong defensive typing, which means that it has the advantage in matchups where physical attackers are the strongest, and in matchups with physical Pokemon that don’t have an effective typing.

In the end, it all comes down to the pokemon that you like the most.

It can be hard to determine which pokemon are the perfect fit for your playstyle, but you can make sure that you’re not playing with the wrong type.

Here’s what to look for in the right Steel-Type Pokemon: 1.

The Type: You can pick a Steel-like pokemon that has a high base power to make up for its low stats.

This gives the Steel-Pokemon the edge over Fire-types.

This type of Pokemon is most useful when you’re trying to beat the other team of Steel-Types.

If you’re a Steel type player, this means you’re looking for a Steel/Fire type.


The Ability: This is probably the most important factor in deciding whether or not you’re playing a Steel or Fire-type.

If the pokemon is good with both types, then you’ll be able to play around the other’s weaknesses.

If not, you’ll need to make sure to play on your own.

If this is the case, Steel-/Fire-type players should look to pick a Fire- or Psychic-type to make it even more effective.


The Moveset: There are several moves that the Steel/F-type can learn that will allow them to make use of their strengths.

A lot of the movesets that are considered “super” for Steel types are Fire-/Psychic-type moves.

This means that they can use moves like Focus Blast, Focus Punch, Thunder Wave, Thunder and Ice Beam in combination with their strengths to set up combos and even inflict massive damage.

The moveset that Steel types prefer is the Fire type.

They can use their Fire- and Ice-type abilities to great effect, as well as use their special moves to make moves that can be used in conjunction with their Fire types.

The Fire type is also known for having a wide variety of attacks, and this can make them an ideal team for Steel- and Fire-Types that want to focus on physical damage.

In terms of offensive abilities, the Fire-Type pokemon has the ability to use Earthquake, Stone Edge, Ice Beam, Rock Slide, and Dragon Claw.


The Types: The Steel types also have a wide range of moves that they use to their advantage.

The Water type can use Hydro Pump, which will give them the advantage when using Hydro Pump.

The Grass type can also use Hydro Boost to help them recover from the effects of a Dragon Dance, so this type can utilize Dragon Dance’s special moves.

Finally, the Rock type can hit hard with its attacks, which can allow it to make quick work of the Steel Pokemon in the future.

This is where you should look for the Steel and Fire types to pair up.

The Steel type is known for their defensive typing and ability to hit hard.

The Electric type is used primarily for its defensive typing as well.

This makes it ideal for battling the Steel or Grass types.


The Gender: This comes into play when you are trying to choose your Steel- or Fire type pokemon.

It is important to choose the right Pokemon for you because each type is different in how it uses its special moves, so you’ll want to make the best decisions possible.

The only real difference between Steel and Steel- types is that the Water-type will have the ability Earthquake, which is the main focus of the Water type.

This ability makes Earthquake a great choice against the Grass type.

It’s also great for dealing with Steel- Type Pokemon like Arceus and Raichu.

This will allow you to deal with the Steel’s weaknesses, and it will help you to beat Fire- types like Mega Kangaskhan and Mega Arceos.

The other difference between the two types is their typing.

If they’re a Water- or Grass-type, they’ll use Rock Slide to hit with Earthquake, while if they’re Steel- Types, they will use Rock Smash.

The types that you should pick are the Steel Type and the Fire Type.

If your Steel type doesn’t have a type advantage, you should go for the Water Type.