How to use the word ‘bombshell’ June 19, 2021 June 19, 2021 admin

The word bombshell has taken on a life of its own over the years.

The word has been used in the same way for centuries, yet we can’t help but think it is a little more specific than we might think.

We’re not sure exactly what exactly a bombshell is, but we do know it is something that takes a lot of the pressure off the man or woman who has the power to take something away from the other person, and then it puts a damper on the other party’s plans.

The reason why the word is used so differently today is because there are a lot more people than ever before, and more of them have a powerful position in the world.

They have access to power and the ability to change the world, and they have a very high profile.

When the news comes out about a major terror attack, the news is picked up, and people who are not privy to the details get a lot involved in the news.

They are in a position where they can influence the outcome of events in a big way.

If a bomb is placed in the home of a prominent person, it might cause a lot for the world to come to a halt.

They might even start a war.

What happens when a person is so powerful and so powerful that the rest of the world cannot even imagine what might happen?

If we had an example of a bomb that was used as a weapon of mass destruction in the Middle East, we would certainly think that this person was a national hero and the whole world would be on his side.

However, in reality, the people who were in the bomb have no idea what it was, and the bomb was probably not a bomb at all.

The world is a very complicated place, and it’s a bit difficult to make sense of what happened with a bomb in the middle of a busy street in the United Arab Emirates, for example.

If the bomb had been a piece of glass that was just broken, that might have been a pretty interesting story.

In fact, it was a bit of a mess.

The glass was broken, and a lot was spilled.

However it looked like it was going to explode, there was no immediate danger, and no one else was injured.

What happened next, however, was quite a different story.

This was a bomb designed to cause enormous damage, and its creator had a lot to lose.

The bomb was designed to explode on impact, so it needed to be carefully placed and dropped on a nearby street, so that people would not notice it was there.

The person who planted the bomb also had a major role to play, because the bomb did not explode on its own, but instead exploded with the help of a second bomb, which had been planted in the opposite direction of the first.

The second bomb exploded just before it detonated.

The first bomb had the same bomb as the first, but the second bomb had a different one.

The two bombs had different amounts of explosive material, but they had similar mass.

This meant that it was much more difficult for them to carry out a simultaneous explosion and then to detonate the second one.

What’s more, the two bombs were placed very close together.

This made it even more difficult to destroy the first bomb.

When you are working in an area that is busy and chaotic, it is important that you avoid accidents, and so the first one went off with the least amount of explosion.

The other bomb went off much sooner.

When it detonated, the second explosive was a little bigger than the first explosion, but it was still only a few feet from the first explosive.

There was only a small explosion, and because it was so close, it did not destroy any structures nearby.

The people who dropped the bomb and were hurt were both very lucky that they were not injured.

The only thing that was damaged was the one piece of concrete that had been damaged, but there were other minor damage to the building.

However there was some damage to a nearby building, as well as a broken window, a broken glass door, and several glass bottles.

The building that had suffered the most damage was a shopping center that had a large number of people in it, and all of the people inside the building were injured.

There were a few broken windows on the building, but none of the glass bottles were damaged.

This building was targeted by a terrorist group, and many people inside it were injured, and some were killed.

In addition, the terrorists in the attack tried to take some of the hostages, and were able to kill a number of the terrorists.

After the incident was over, the terrorist group tried to get some of those injured people to return to their homes in the UAE, but some of them refused, and fled to Lebanon, where they were held for a time.

In any case, the fact that the people were not hurt in any way did not matter, because they were still in a