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A St. Louis-based steel carport operator was named the winner of a $1.8 million award from the American Steel Carports Association in Chicago, Illinois.

Bob Steele, owner of St. Pete Carports in St. Petersburg, Florida, won the award for best new business of the year.

The award, which was presented on Sunday, came from the association’s annual Steel Industry Business of the Year Awards.

St. Pete, Florida-based St. Thomas Steel has been a staple in St Louis for more than 30 years.

The St. Marys, Missouri-based company has a history of building and maintaining thousands of steel cars.

St. Peters employees are known as St. Pete’s Steelmen.

The company has also built a $15 million steel-framed carport in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Stater’s Steelworks has been working to improve the quality of steel used in its facilities, and this year’s awards are a result of its efforts, said Jim Stater, president and chief executive officer of Stater’s.

Stater said the company has invested more than $3 million in the project and has a new carport now under construction in Lake St. Charles.

Staters company is one of several companies building or refurbishing new steel carporks in the U.S. Staters efforts are part of the Steel Industry Community’s effort to ensure that our steel workers have the best working conditions, Stater told the Associated Press.

The Steel Industry Association (SIBA) awarded Staters Steelworks the $1,800,000 award for a new steel-frame carport it has built in Lake County, Louisiana, which is part of its $3 billion steel facility, which Stater has called the largest in the country.

The carport will include an eight-lane gravel road that will be used for driving, with a new gravel road.

States business has been booming for years and has expanded to more than 1,300 carporters in more than 70 states, according to the company.

The company has more than 4,000 employees and employs more than 3,000 people.

Stler said the award is part and parcel of the group’s commitment to improving the quality and safety of the workers who make their living working with Stater steel.

The association, which has been involved in the development of more than 50 programs in the steel industry, also will award a $5,000 scholarship to a local school to help students improve their skills in the workforce.

Steele said the carport is one in a series of projects to upgrade St.

Pete’s facilities, which he said have suffered from decades of neglect.

He said the organization also is working to build a new rail line to help with construction.

Stately’s steel car is used to transport heavy equipment to and from its facilities and is not intended for industrial use.

The group plans to move into the new carpool carpool vehicle as soon as possible.

Starter’s said it has invested nearly $300 million in its new St.pete’s carport, with the goal of bringing the facility’s capacity up to 500 cars per day by 2025.